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Happy Bday Adam

Borderlands GOTY
Merry annualised liver degredation day!

I'll take a stab at Borderlands or Bioshock 2 if I may?!
Post edited January 31, 2013 by Sachys
Tarun has also donated Steam keys for Trine and Magicka.

Be sure to thank Tarun as well!
not in, but congratulations
I would like to try my hand at Magicka and Trine.

Thanks, and happy birthday :)
Happy Birthday!

I'm in for:
-Bioshock 2
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Congratulations Adam!
Hope you'll have a great day =)

I would like to enter for Borderlands GOTY.

Happy birthday Adam! Your great contributions are superb! So should your birthday! Have a good one :)

In for Borderlands Thanks!
Happy Bday Adam! +1!
I would like to be in the giveaway.
Games ordered in order of how much I wanna play them :P :
-Borderlands GOTY
-Painkiller Black Edition
Thank you!
Happy birth anniversary!

I'm in for Borderlands GOTY, thanks!
Happy Birthday!
I will enter for Magicka.Thank you!
Metro please!
Qwertyman has donated Bioshock 2 to the list of games. Be sure to thank Qwertyman, too!

Thanks again all.
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Happy birthday, Adam.

I'd like to enter for:
Borderlands GOTY (Steam)

Vse najboljse Adam!

I'll try for Magicka, Painkiller and Metro.