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mondo84: Well played, good sir. Well played.

I shall now plot a long and laborious revenge scheme...
Sachys: It won't work. I've already plotted the revenge to your vengeance, by elaborately scheming my vengeful retaliation to the fact that you will in time attempt the same, and therefore caused a paradox that has prevented your birth in this timeline!

*one less name on the list
I surrender unto you, Almighty Speakchimp.

*shrinks into a tiny ball and blips into nonexistence
*dusts off hands

count me in

thanks The Sigil + SIGIL SPEAKCHIMP!
+1 for the chimp
I'm in, thanks for the giveaway!
Count me in, thanks.
Sign me up please.

I'm in. Thanks.
I too will toss my hat into this ring. Thanks for the chance, Sachys! :D
neat! count me in por favor
I'm in
I'm in. Thank you Sigil, and thank you for giving me a seizure with every giveaway! :P
Thanks to the Sigil and Sachys, I'm in.
Ah the new Sigil GA, I'm in of course!
Count me in! ;d
Oh great sigil.