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Fellow GOGlodytes,

Recently our weekly giveaways that we've loved so much have been put on hold for various personal reasons of the kind donors. However we as a group feel that it is important that there is a regular event that just brightens a person's day. So in honour of our absent, and much regarded, weekly gifters, a group you may now know as "The Sigil" have decided to hold a weekly giveaway for all to enter.

A simple throw your hat in, a $10 game of your choice if you win.

Sachys has kindly agreed to manage this process, and ensure that the winners get their codes. It may take a bit longer than with the other giveaways simply to co-ordinate it.

Post to be entered. Our identities are not to be revealed by the winners - or else their future entries will be refused.

Kind Regards,
The Sigil


This is a simple lottery - one person, one entry. Entries for anyone other than yourself and your own, personal gaming enjoyment will not be counted.


* * * *

...and from me guys: if you could please refrain from bumping the thread, it would be a great help as it makes keeping tally and checking for double entries a little difficult. Thanks and good luck!
I'm in!
Thank you! +1
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Thanks for your generosity, Sigil guys and Sachys!

Please, count me in.
In, of course. This time I would like to win, too.

I'd like to be in, as there have been a lot of games recently added that I'd like. :)

Thanks again to all involved in the process, Sachys and otherwise!
Thanks Illumina... I mean The Sigil.. Count me in.
I'm in. Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everybody.

I'm in.
Count me in, please. My wishlist just keeps growing here >.>

Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm in.
If electricity always follows the path of least resistance, why doesn't lightning only strike in France?

Im in.
I'm in.

Thank you!
I'm in and thanks for the generosity of the Sigil!
Thanks to the sigil for their generousity and you for being their goto man. :) Count me in please and +1 (I've +1'd who I think the sigil is also <grin>)
I'm in, thanks!