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not in but thanks and +rep
Hah, fun giveaway idea, I will try my luck for Two Worlds II(Steam)

And about game, Fallout Hospital, mix of Theme Hospital and Fallout, you have to built your own medical facility in some abandoned vault, hiring guards and doctors, growing your own plants for medical purpose and things like that, if your bad on money you could always chose the dark side and make some Jet :S
I'd be interested in any of those games.

I'll enter with Theme Hospital + Duke Nukem 3d

Duke Nukem Hospital
"Blow 'em up, them sew 'em up!" Duke Nukem has a day job as a surgeon in Duke Nukem Hospital, but he needs lots of practice! Smash, tear and burn enemies with an assortment of powerful weapons, then strap on the scrubs and see what you can stitch back together in this hilarious war/hospital simulator. It's a scream - but don't go over budget!
Not in but +1 :)
Big_Boss: A point and lick adventure
We need more point & lick games :)
I'll do this with a twist: The best selling game on the site with the worst selling game right now. Ignoring free titles, new titles (3 months), and DLC, that's Baulder's Gate 2 and, I think, Worms Forts: Under Siege..... okay.

Baulder's Gate: Worms Under Siege.

You've defended and rescued Baulder's Gate from impending destruction, now are you willing to take it for your own? Crush the pitiful people and townsfolk of Baulder's Gate through clever use of black sorcery and monsters. Fool the adventurers into your labyrinths, laying traps and creatures to slay these mighty warriors and add their souls to your cause. Send your plague and wrath throughout the countryside, razing the world to the ground in glory of your name. So, what are you waiting for? There's pitiful worms to crush beneath your heel and a long era of darkness to begin.
Shadow Shock 2 - You are janitor on board a space ship that is attacked by ninjas. While you were taking a nap in a closet, most of the crew was wiped out. You wake up, step outside the closet and see blood and corpses everywhere. You grab your mop and broom. You are ready to take back the ship and when the job is done, the ship will spotless too because you are a janitor after all.

System Warrior - You are a warrior created by a system recently taken over by an A.I. You were created to wage war against all organic life until you are no longer able to. But then you were captured by humans and they did something to you. You now desire a life full of love and peace surrounded by cute baby animals. And the only way for such a life to come to pass is to take out the same twisted A.I. that helped create you. A twisted A.I. that will only stop until the universe is in ashes. So it is time for a robot to kick some robot ass.

I'm in for Two Worlds II.
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Very nice so far.

And it creates: Realms of Forgotten Lands, or in short:

You are the emperor of an... Empire and you´ve got many Kings under your control!
But nobody from outside cares about your kingdom...
Thats why this land is called Realms of Forgotten Lands!

You are now preparing to send out three heroes to restore the honour of your empire:
They don´t like you at all, but they follow your Quest for Glory. (wait, just another game?!)

Anyway, this doesn´t mean anything! Of course youve got some mages to control these heroes and just one step befor the final fight---there´ll be a popup: Sorry, but developer has been closed by EA!

I´m in for Walking Mars!
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I'm terrible at this stuff but I'd love to see Geralt from The Witcher series swapped with Nancy Drew ;-p
Big_Boss: A point and lick adventure
samlii: We need more point & lick games :)
When they add scratch and sniff, you can count me in! ;-)
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Big_Boss: A point and lick adventure
samlii: We need more point & lick games :)
Ok let's do this :

Heroes of Fallout and Tactics.
You're the leader of :
- A band of raiders
- A squadron of enclave guys
- A troop of Brotherhood boys
- A corporation of merchants
- A pack of beastlords with their pets
- A secret society of former chinese operatives (descendants you know)
- Ghoulish cult.
- A team of Reavers .... and their toys.
- And there are mercenaries. You get the drill.

Features :
*It is a HOMM style game without stacking of troops.
*You have to feed and maintain your tropp's stuff.
*Cities are not controlled by ONE faction ONLY, Influence is shared between every faction. You don't attack cities, you make moves against other factions to gain control or weaken or loot. Cities are more a area thing than a ONE SPOT place (Example : reavers control the garage, ghouls in the supermarket and the sewers, deathclaw and their *pet* beastlord in the graveyard).
*Strategical movement, tactical combat. One leader per group of critters (HOMM style), bigger groups => more/bigger encounters ..... and chance of ROMANCE of course !!!! :D (that or inner shootouts)

Thanks for giveaway. I'm in for the GOG key of waking mars.

Edit : damn, I began this thing because it seemed fun ....but I just made my dream game, I have tons of ideas flowing iiiin ! (I did not say good ideas)
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Lure of the Fallout.

An old-school point-and-click adventure game, where you play as a Vault Member trying to get water back for his tribe. Features multiple scenarios for each encounter, over a thousand NPCs, and feelies! Hopefully, it'll have a better ending than Fallout 3-

I'm in for Waking Mars!
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Nice giveaway, Robette! Not in, but I'll play.

How about:

MDK Nights
The future of RPGs is here!
This new game from ShinyWare brings RPGs to the 25th century!
You play as a highly customizable* young hero fighting alien invaders in futuristic dungeons, while using incredibly hi-tech weapons. Level up and snipe your enemies into oblivion! Save innocent dogs from being sacrificed to alien Liches! Destroy starships with the help of your Doctor companion! All in a classic isometric perspective.
Pre-order your copy today!

*Facial customizations won't be visible because of the Coil Suit.
Momo1991: I'm terrible at this stuff but I'd love to see Geralt from The Witcher series swapped with Nancy Drew ;-p
The Nancy of Rivia?

My own suggestion would be the critically pre-acclaimed Teen Torment:

Travelling between the planes of junior high, high school and college, a group of misunderstood teens must confront the existential crises at the heart of their, like, existence and stuff. Love, envy, iPads, texting, breakups, hookups, shopping, angst, angst, sausage, and spam!

In other words, a more mature jRPG.

I'm in for regifting, not sure who what though :P