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I'll enter for Pro Pinball Big Race USA.
Thanks for a chance!
I´ll go for "Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey"
Thanks for the giveaway!

I´m for Port Royale please;
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Archetype! (as well as Kylie) :)

Count me in for Ghost Master.
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Thank you for this giveway, I'd like to enter for Sacred Gold please.
I'm in for Disciples 2 Gold, thanks!
I'm in for Flatout. Thanks.
Thanks for this giveaway. Coun me in for Disciples 2 Gold.
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In for Jagged Alliance 2, thanks!
Thank you for the giveaway, +1!
I'm in for Jagged Alliance 2 :)
Great Giveaway! In for Disciples 2! Thanks!
I'd like to enter for:
Disciples 2 Gold

Giveaway will be closed in about 3 hours, then I'll announce a winner.

And remember, if you want a Duke Nukem 3D code, just say so. First come first serve, NO rep or registration restrictions for the Duke 3D code.
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thanks for the chance +1

Sacred Gold