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Thanks very much for your generosity!

One of the games on sale this weekend is on my wishlist, so please count me in for that - Jagged Alliance 2

Cheers, have a good weekend.
Thanks for the giveaway..

I'd like to enter for Jagged Alliance 2...
Disciples 2, thank you vey much. +1
Thanks for the giveway! Sacred Gold please if possible :)

Have a sip of rep for your generousity :)
count me in for the "Awesome" GOG of:
Sacred Gold

congrats on your first ever giveaway!

thanks for having a giveaway Archetype00!
I'm in for Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, thanks!
Combat Chess

Thanks for the giveaway.
I'm in for Patrician 3!!!

Thanks for the giveaway and making GOG special!
I'm in. Ghost Master would be ideal. +1, naturally.
I'm in for Disciples 2 Gold.

Thank you for the giveaway! :)
Thank you Archetype00 for the giveaway. I'm in for Sacred Gold please. +1!!
I'd like to enter for FlatOut please. Thanks for the rather awesome giveaway.
Disciples 2 Gold please :)
Strategic Command: European Theater
My vote goes to Jagged Alliance.

Thank you