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high rated

If it wasn't obvious enough, I'm doing a giveaway from the current "Awsome" Weekend Promo! This is my first ever giveaway (yay), and likely won't be my only one.

You must be registered before 2013 and have 10+ rep. This will be a quick giveaway, ending sometime tomorrow.

To enter, simply say the game you want from the promo (only one game). Winner will be chosen with, tomorrow.

Good luck!
Post edited February 03, 2013 by Archetype00
Thanks for the giveaway +1

I'll go with Pro Pinball: Big Race USA
Thank you and +1 :) I'm going with Combat Misssion: Beyond Overlord.
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I'm not entering. Wishing Archetype00 good luck with his first and awesome giveaway. Also big thanks for doing so :)
And to all that enter good luck!
After yesterday I feel like shit asking for anything or going in for a giveaway but I'll play this one.

Ghost Master

and +1
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Thanks for the giveaway. My game is Patrician 3.
im in, thanks +1

Jagged Alliance
Thx for giveaway +1, I will go for Flatout.
Thanks a lot for the giveaway, Archetype00, +1 :)
Please count me in for FlatOut.
Nice idea. Thanks.

I'll take a stab at Sacred Gold.
+1. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd like Disciples 2.
This is rather awesome of you. I'll take a shot for Comanche VS. Hokum please.

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I'm for: Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Not in, but very nice giveaway +1
+1 for the giveaway, thanks!

I'd like Sacred Gold, please :)