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I thought Fictionvision's giveaway Here was an awesome idea and since I couldn't find a fifth game in the deal that I wanted or didn't already own, I just picked up a duplicate game. Which means I have a game code to give away. Rules are the same as Fictionvision's giveaway:

If you want to enter, post a message with 3 games from the promo in them. Everyone that has the correct game I bought an extra of in their lists will be entered. I will close the giveaway sometime between 10pm and midnight PST tomorrow. After that I will check and do a of the correct user names.

Good luck to all who enter, and a huge nod and kudos to Fictionvision for the idea, which I blatantly stole. And for the contest rules, which I also blatantly stole and even copy/pasted.

***edit*** Winner has been selected. Congrats Etna87!
Post edited November 22, 2012 by Coelocanth
- Resonance
- Gemini Rue
- Geneforge 1-5

Big +1 for the giveaway!
+1 copycat :P

Seriously though, glad to see you liked the idea enough to try it yourself.
excellent plagiarism...

I'll go with the same (the games I'm really interested):

Gemini Rue
Blackwell Bundle
Mutant Mudds

Thank you! ;p
-To The Moon
-Machinarium: Collector's Edition
-The Ball

thanks for hosting a giveaway! great 2nd act of the giveaway idea ^_^
LOL nice! +1

Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Fictionvision: +1 copycat :P

Seriously though, glad to see you liked the idea enough to try it yourself.
"If an idea is good, it's your duty to steal that idea and repeat it endlessly!"
- some guy at Zynga
I'm in. Thanks and +1!

- Resonance
- Blackwell Bundle
- Torchlight
To the Moon
Blatantly copied from here:

"Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Torchlight, and The Ball.

Thanks for the giveaway!"
LOL... +1, nice one... :P

- Resonance
- Trine
- Unmechanical
+1 for plagiarism. :)

Gemini Rue
To The Moon

Thanks mate!
Nice, I am here again...well not again again but you get me. I am hoping for Resonance so I will just pick that one. I do have most of the others already off gog and not interested in some. If it's not Resonance then good luck to the others!
geneforge 1-5
Mutant Mudds
Guess I'll guess the guesses I guessed in the other guessing.

-The Ball

Thanks Coelocanth!