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I was looking for one of my favorite games here but I can't remember what it was called.
It was a mafia type game where you controlled your units, you captured businesses that gave you income to build better units. It was released in about 1998 and I can remeber certain things that might trigger your memory.
The title screen had a green background with gold text for selecting
1 of the henchmen would say "Okie dokey boss!" after you give an order
and another one would say "Capito capo!"
Eventually you would buy cars and do drive bys and try to take out the enemy team

I'm really trying to track down this game but without a title I don't know where to ask beside here!
Sounds like Gangsters: Organized Crime.
Thanks for the reply, but this game I played was purely RTS.
Maybe it was from 1997 or 1996.

It wasn't gangsters or mob rule
Legal Crime ?
Namur: Legal Crime ?
YES!!! Thank you!!!

I strongly recommend everyone try this game. You can play lan and there used to be online play. It was SOOOOO much fun