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All gifts have been redeemed, so I declare this giveaway to be official closed.

May some of the GoG staff jump to the rescue and change the subject of the thread accordingly, please ?

A more detailed roundup was posted earlier, so all that is left to say for me is, that I was very positively surprised about how this went in terms of, let's say 'community spirit',.

I sincerely hope, that my rather chaotic (I am, again, on a different, ever so often dropping line) head-start dive into cold-water encourages others to give away for free, even if it is the smallest possible of amounts on GoG.

You'll ruin the receivers live for a considerable amount of time, rendering them incabable of doing something productive, once they redeemed their gift and started the game.

Now, if that isn't a rewarding thought, I don't know what else would be.

'Now, Pinky, do you think of what I think ?'
'Narf ...'
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