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high rated
A big " Thank you " for the developer Andreas who provided the keys .

The website of the game and the developer.

Please vote for this game :

Gameplay videos :

video 1
video 2

Rules :

You can only participate in this giveaway , if
- you have a Desura account ( please link your profile page in your post )
- you don't own the game

You are not allow to gift away or trade the key that you won!!!

You must activate the key on your account after i sent it for you . ( i will check it )

Winners will be announced on Wednesday evening .

Good luck .
Post edited May 13, 2013 by ne_zavarj
Not in (already have it), but thanks.
Looks interesting, i'm in

Thanks for the opportunity ne_zavarj and Andreas :-)
Not in but +1
I'm in also - thanks for the chance!!

Desura Account
You'll never guess my Desura name.
Looks like a pretty interesting and time sinking game...

I'm in! Thanks ne_zavarj and Andreas!
Post edited May 13, 2013 by Tza
I'm in as well,
Post edited May 13, 2013 by Theta_Sigma
Not in, but thanks and +1 for your generosity, ne_zavarj and Andreas! (voted)
I'm in!

Having worked in a call center, this looks like it could be fun!
... I still work in the same environment, except I work from home now.

Let me know if my link is incorrect:
Not in but have a +1 and my thanks for this, both ne_zavarj and Andreas!
Thanks for the giveaway, voted.
Is the developer interested in having the game released on GOG?
Not in.
Post edited May 13, 2013 by DarkoD13
I would enter but I'm not going to have internet access from Wednesday to next Monday so if I win, you're going to be bothered by my inactivity.
This game looks absolutely wonderful but not my type of game, sadly. Just wanted to say thank-you, ne_zavarj and please extend many thanks to the devs!