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ZYZKryten: I don't use gamersgate anymore but I just had alook at my account and I have 26 unused gifts there. So Ill add them to the pile.
Want them to go to a good home.
Great Giveaway.

Me wonder if there is ant Cities in Motion DLC in those GG gifts :P
Braussie: I had to chuckle when I read the title and thought "A giveaway to seniors?" I bet that would limit people here... being 50+ years old... or games older than 50 years old :-p

I'm interested to see what you end up offering. There area few things I wouldn't mind, but I'd rather everyone else get the rest. Thank you for being kind and willing to offer up the extra things you aren't using.

Hehe great idea though.

zavlin: giveaway is scheduled to start just in time for the hurricane to land... :P
Eeep. Good point. Hope everyones alright and that your internet connections hold!

te_lanus: Great Giveaway.

Me wonder if there is ant Cities in Motion DLC in those GG gifts :P
Theres not. :(
Is there a copy of Fear 1 for Steam?I ask because the recet Square Enix bundle on Amazon.
When are you planning on starting this?
Theres no copy of Fear.
I will starting as soon I have eaten. 45Mins Max.
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Thanks for the giveaway. I'm thrilled! I"m scared! I'm ready!
ZYZKryten: Theres no copy of Fear.
I will starting as soon I have eaten. 45Mins Max.
Aww, there goes my plan of taking a nap :(

+1, btw
Yeah I'd like to see a list of what you plan on giving away, since I'm mostly just interested in a TLR (from GG or Amazon sale) or Shuggy steam key.

oh and thank you +1 etc.

edit; thank you Fictionvision
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Excited to see what's coming up! +1
Though I don't know what games you plan on giving, thanks for your big generousity. :) +1
Pheace: Personally I think that's just a sad practice. Don't take them from someone who might actually be interested in the first place then.
Fenixp: I used to be kind of angry at Licurg for doing that, but ... Why? If he opts to trade, Licurg will be happy that he got a game he wanted, person he traded with will be happy that he got rid of a game he didn't want and ... well got one he did, everybody's happy.
I can understand why some people would object to what Licurg is doing, because he is profiting from someone else's generosity (he gets a game with zero value to him and uses it to get a game that does have value to him).

But seeing as he asks before accepting anything (or has started to?) then there shouldn't be a problem because the gifter is both aware and okay with it.
Thanks very much for your generosity ZYZKryten, it's bloody nice of you to give so many games away.
Don't get too excited I'm going to be doing this over several days a few games at a time.

I think today well start off small so:

For steam:
Zombie Shooter
Bunch of Heroes
Wasteland Angel
Making History Calm and Storm

For Gamersgate:
Men of War

In 30 Minutes I will tell you what to do to claim them.
xyem: (or has started to?)
I always have.
ZYZKryten: Making History Calm and Storm
Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait for the competition to start. :)