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Three4Flinching: I have played it for a few years and i like it. It´s easy to learn but hard to master, think totalwar in space (kind of).
You need the expansion thou, otherwise the game is rather dull.
amok: I got the complete pack from GG, it is on a weekend sale right now. £5 for everything SOTS 1+2 :)
Ok, hope you enjoy it, 4 x games are one of my favorite genre and more people need to play them in my opinion.

I have SOTS 1 + all the expansions but never played it, its on my pile of shame. Thats what sales does to me, creates backlog :D
If you were considering buying Endless Space like I was, there's gonna be a 50% Week Long Sale on Steam for it to celebrate the launch of their newest ad-don "Virtual Awakening".
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