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the objective is simple: play, and most importantly beat, 4 games in February.

here is my 4:

Strike Suit Zero
Legend of Grimrock
Torchlight II

I'm already working on Strike Suit Zero, so I may finish that early. if I do then I will add in Alice: Madness Returns.

it was actually pretty hard to come up with those 4, most everything else in my backlog is "epics" like White Knight, Tales of Graces, Xenoblade, NWN2 complete, and KOA:R.

that or shoddy console ports like Deadspace where the crappy 80 degree FOV makes me physically ill.
I'd join in, but my picks would have to be flash games because otherwise I'd only have about 10 hours total to play 4 full games.
I'm totally in!

/e: I'll pick my 4 later ;)

/e2: My current "to-beat-list" is right below, I will pick something from these:

1. Broken Sword: Director's Cut
2. Dragonsphere
3. Second Sight
4. Neverwinter Nights 2
5. Snuggle Truck
6. Hammerfight
7. Cave Story+
8. La Mulana
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A good idea but I dont have the self control to stick too it
oh hell yeah. I'll be all over this! I have participated in "Shameless Gaming Month" each year, and often do personal challenges like this as well, so one that I can vent about on here with you guys is a no-brainer.

I realize you guys are probably going to be doing GOG games, but I'll probably go with xbox360 titles instead, as I have a LOT more of those I have not played. I Don't know that the 4 games will be as (conveniently) I'm right between games t the moment.
I shall do
Spec Ops the Line
El Shaddai
Changed from KoA to Amazing Spiderman because I want to actually spend time with KoA
Way of the Samurai 3 at least one ending

Yes 3 of those are on Xbox and 1 PC but whatever
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I'm in. Out of my backlog I'm going to pick...

Torchlight 2
The Chronicles of Riddick

I have either barely started or haven't started at all for all four games.
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February 2020 ?

Ian: February 2020 ?

Your backlog is so BIG? :O :D
Ian: February 2020 ?

No Shit! The way I play games!? I've been playing Morrowind for 4 days and only this morning did I finally get my ass out of the registry office! When it happened I realized I didn't like my character's name and immediatly started over. :P
Ian: February 2020 ?

triock: Your backlog is so BIG? :O :D
168 games on steam
67 GOG
350 ish bundle games

completed = 1 :(

how did u guess triock lol :D
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Ian: 168 games on steam
67 GOG
350 ish bundle games
Ouch! :/
Ian: completed = 1 :(
I could see myself beating

Arx Fatalis (bought 22nd June 2012) I have installed then deleted it before playing it
Little Big Adventure (bought 30th December 2011) I have yet to install it
Outcast (6th July 2012) Installed on the 25ht October but I have yet to launch it
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich (16th August 2012) I bought it and forgot about it
I'll just be happy to complete 1!
I am not so good on the completion front.
I think I will pick Half-Life 2 - I bought it when it was new as a boxed product and haven't finished it yet!
Sounds doable. I tend to finish most games I start (as long as I like them enough), so as long as I don't pick anything too long I could definitely finish at least one game per week.

Picking games from my backlog is the problem, of course. I tend to only decide what to play immediately before starting. But I'll propose the following four for now:

1. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (PS3 via Sly HD Trilogy)
2. Miasmata (PC)
3. Shadow Warrior (PC)
4. Freedom Force (PC)