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Finished Alter Ego, so thats 4/4, task completed :)
I've successfully completed Warlords Battlecry (both light and dark paths) so that makes five games already ;)

09.02.2013 Etherlords - beaten
10.02.2013 Broken Sword 2 - completed
13.02.2013 Broken Sword 3 - completed
17.02.2013 Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne - beaten
22.02.2013 Warlords Battlecry - completed

- Mark of the Ninja
- Game of Thrones (RPG)
- Gray Matter
- Deadlight

Now trying to play Lionheart - Legacy of the Crusader but I doubt I'll finish it in February also.
I'm on my eight game already, but I doubt I will finish it this month. It's Temple of Elemental Evil, and it is HARD. Probably quite long too.

After Mass Effect 3 I played and finished Scribblenauts Unlimited and Puzzle Agent 2. I think seven's a good number :)
1/4 Mark of the Ninja
2/4 the Baconing
3/4 Dust: An Elysian Tail
4/4 Deadlight DONE!
5/4 Undergarden
6/4 Blackwell Bundle

Does that count as one game or four? I'm going one, as that is how I bought them. There is a 5th coming later in the year. Will be interesting to see how GOG handles that.

I also.. kinda finished Resident Evil 6 as well. In so far as I finished all the Campaign Scenarios, on amateur but I am far, far away from all the unlocks and other "keep you playing" incentives. That includes finishing all campaign Scenarios again on Professional. That "No Hope" thing can go DiaF, tho. Damn.

Currently downloading Resonance. Depending on how long that takes I might get that once finished before March too. Possibly Gemini Rue as well. I'll at least be downloading it, with a plan of playing it. I will be sticking with Resident Evil 6 for quite some time yet. Just how much point and click goodness I get in between bouts of Zombie Killin remains to be seen.
Well I did finish one tonight, Jade Empire.

Three to go and it is the 26th now. lol
I'm not going to make it. I guess I should be happy I got one of the four done.
dirtyharry50: Well I did finish one tonight, Jade Empire.

Three to go and it is the 26th now. lol
There's no shortage of short (and free) games to play. Recently I've finished:

Jelly no Puzzle (I guess the length really depends on your puzzle solving ability)
Cat Planet (Cat planet! It's 15-20 mins long. Cat planet!)
Perspective (actually a genuinely good puzzle game from DigiPen students)
1/4 Mark of the Ninja
2/4 the Baconing
3/4 Dust: An Elysian Tail
4/4 Deadlight DONE!
5/4 Undergarden
6/4 Blackwell Bundle
7/4 Resonance ... urgh..

Was hoping Gemini Rue would help me recover from Resonance, but its refusing to run full screen for some reason. I've just started a New Beginning instead. Doubt I'll bet it finished this month, what with today being the final day and all.
Hmmm...what else can I beat in a few hours?
Well Feb ended 16 minutes ago and I did beat Crysis 2 but sadly I still have a long way to go with Demon's Souls. Been playing Thief 2 again for the past few days and I have finished that game twice in the past so maybe that counts? Anyway, fun challenge!
I managed to beat 6 games:

1. Mega Man 10
3. Closure
5. System Shock 2
6. Richard and Alice

I still have about 6 more hours to go, but I doubt that I will finish another game.
Well, I finished one game in the four I wanted to finish this month: Earthbound. I spent most of my time finishing up 50/64 trophies in Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (and finished that) and spending time with other titles like System Shock 2 and a few others. Oh well, better luck next month I suppose.
I only finished one of the four games I'd planned to beat this month (Hydrophobia), although I also finished Prototype, some crappy Hellboy PSP game, and To the Moon, so success, I guess! They were all pretty short (I was already partway through Prototype), but whatever, I still win. And I'd been meaning to play Hydrophobia and To the Moon forever, so this ridiculous challenge did motivate me to finally sit down and do that.
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Finished with a half hour to spare.

Hydrophobia Prophecy*
Mark of the Ninja
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
CoD Black Ops

*an honorable mention since i got to the final boss fight which sucked so bad I couldn't get through it. So I finished all but a 30 second cut scene.