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mrking58: I could see myself beating

Arx Fatalis (bought 22nd June 2012) I have installed then deleted it before playing it
Little Big Adventure (bought 30th December 2011) I have yet to install it
Outcast (6th July 2012) Installed on the 25ht October but I have yet to launch it
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich (16th August 2012) I bought it and forgot about it
We must share a brain. That is really scary. Minus Arx I have the EXACT same list!
Bumb for those who didn't see it
Sogi-Ya: Bumb for those who didn't see it
Great Idea! My four games are:

1. Contra (NES) - I really want to slay this monster
2. Deadspace 2 (seeing how the 3rd one's about to be release)
3. Bioshock 2 (same idea as Deadspace)
4. The Cave
Sogi-Ya: Bumb for those who didn't see it
Titanium: HE'S GOT A BUMB! RUN!
Smart asses
Zchinque: A BUMB?!
Yes, yes.
Bumping As it is now February Gogtopians! Time to finalise your "four" and get to work!

I'll be doing that as soon as I wrap up the last few achievements I need in FABLE III. If anyone has the game (on PC), and has a spare Chickenbane Weapon I would love to hear from you! That is the last Weapon me and my co-op partner need so we can finally get the heard earned "all Legendary Weapons" achievement.

Not sure that will count as one of my four games, as we have been playing it since December. I'll brave the Shame Shelf once its done and possibly make a list of options for my four here. May be you guys can help me decide which will be a practical four. Obviously most RPGs will be out for obvious reasons! :)
I think grimrock will be too much, replacing it with vanquish.

Strike suit zero
Torchlight 2

With Alice: madness returns as a maybe.
I guess I could give it a try. Don't have much to choose from, so it'll be these four unless I get a new game in feburary, then I might play that first depending on my mood at the time.

Sacred Gold
King's Bounty: Warriors of the North
Doom 3 BFG Edition or Borderlands ( I'm torn right now)
Cognition: Episode 2 - finished!

[Edit] Due to Azreal360's and Ian's generosity I changed my list. Thank you both again for these great games!!!
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Well I have to admit I took a head start and started playing La Mulana yesterday. So far the game is kicking my ass pretty good. I might work on the other three first and come back to it later.

Edit: Actually since it is still Jan 31st here, I'm going to wimp out and put a game that shouldn't take long in Wizorb up for my 4th :P I'll still play La Mulana more, but I have a feeling it might take me a while.
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K_1269: Sacred Gold
Heh, good luck with that. I hope you're not a completionist ... I've played it for about 30 hours and didn't really get anywhere, I only uncovered 10% of the map. ;)
K_1269: Sacred Gold
Leroux: Heh, good luck with that. I hope you're not a completionist ...
...yeah...I figured it might be a challenge timewise...guess we'll see if my extensive rpg experience will be enough to play it effeciently and cut down the time to finish it before the month is over or
Man I just ordered the Hitman HD collection and Hitman Absolution from EU. That would have made the perfect Four! Pity they will probably take about two weeks to get here.

[EDIT] After some ponderous ponderings I have decided to attack some XXOX LIFE ARCADE games, as I have quite a few of those I've not touched. My four will be from this list. Which four I guess I'll find out once I sit down to actualy play. I'll decide once I'm sat with controller in hand.

The Baconing
Snoopy Flying Ace (have no DLC for this one yet, so probably skip it til I do)
Shadow Complex
Realms of Ancient War
Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest (plus DLC)
Mark of the Ninja
Lara Croft and the Guardians of Light (plus most DLC, I think?)
Islands of Wakfu
Iron Brigade
Ilomilo (this one will be "cheating" as I've already played some)
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Crimson ALliance
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
Burnout Crash (this is a party game right? So probably no good)
Beyond Good and Evil HD (would Possibly be cheating. I've not played this HD version, but played it several times on other formats)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
All Zombies Must Die

Feel free to throw suggestions for which four.
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I'll go with:

Waking Mars
Titan Quest
Trine 2