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Elmofongo: Did anyone play the demo, I did and personally in some respects its better than 6, mostly because it controls better :P

But I did not find it too scary so far, mostly because the enviornments so far is too brightly lit and not as intimidating.

But what the hell this game is coming in 2 days in NA and I will try it out, not expecting a true survival horror like REmake though.
SirPrimalform: Yeah, my brother's played it and it's no so much a return to the roots but something of a mixture of 4 and the older ones. Still better than 5 and 6 anyway.
Personally, and I know this sounds wrong but it felt too much like Dead Space which I never thought was scary to begin with, what with that stupid scanner I need to even find weapons on the counter :P

Also I cannot find it scary if Jill is wearing that sexy jump suit and chris is still the steroid ridden junkie from Resident Evil 5.

Honestly poor chris and jill, they went from ordinary cops, normal people:

To this: