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With 700+ games discounted up to 90% off, daily special Bundle Deals, a constant stream of exciting Flash Sales, and some fantastic surprise giveaways, we launch into the season of gaming joy!

The biggest celebration of DRM-Free gaming this season is right now, right here on! It's warm and nice outside, the summer draws ever closer, so let's make sure it's full of fantastic games. There's no one good way to spend your summer, but we know well that gaming can make every single one of them better. So, whether you plan to stay inside, hike into the wilderness, or take a boat into the calm sea, we'll make sure your laptop is filled with great DRM-Free games you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. To that end, we're holding our 2014 DRM-Free Summer Sale!

Each day we'll present you with at least two special Bundle Deals with a selection of of great classics and indies available up to 90% off! As usual, you'll be able to buy just selected titles out of the bundle with a slightly lower discount, or complete your collection with just the ones you're missing, retaining the higher discount rate. Let's take a look at our offers for today, shall we?

Today, we seriously mix things up to bring you both lighthearted comedy as well as dark and morbid horror. The Legacy of Kain Saga is the Full House of gaming with its family themes and colorful presentation. Across four episodes ironically titled Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2, and Defiance the series explores the relation between Kain, a authoritative father with obvious god complex, and Raziel, his rebellious son with questionable fashion sense. The story also includes many of their relatives from extended family, that cannot help but to make a mess in their imaginary homeland called Nosgoth. Hilarity ensues! All this cheerful moments for only $5.96 (that's 75% off!). The other of our offers today, is bound to chill the blood in your veins with its terrifying setting alone. The Deponia Complete Trilogy takes place on a distant planet. A planet, that long ago must have been not so different from our own Earth. Yet now, it is a grim and dark place that suffered a tragic environmental disaster. The surface of the planet is now completely covered with waste. Toxic rain flushes the pollution deep into the ground, poisoning it and making the land barren. Way above, there's the remaining enclave of civilization, housing the remnant of the human race. Now imagine one of them, a defenseless girl, falls down to the toxic junkyard below. Even though she doesn't die instantly poisoned with every imaginable toxin, her future looks grim. The wasteland is filled with danger, and soon she'll find out that she is not alone among the towering piles of garbage. What strange mutated monsters could have survived in such conditions? And what do they eat? The horror! All the thrills for just $11.97 (that's 80% off!). There you have it, a mix of laughter and cries of despair to fill your weekend with gripping gaming. Or did we overdo the mixing?

On top of that, almost all of our catalog has been discounted by up to 50%. On top of that, our front page is overflowing with excellent Flash Sales on single games. You can grab them up to 90% as well, but don't take to long, as they come and go pretty fast! Why don't you head out to front page, and see what's happening right NOW!
And... we're finally done with this years summer sale!

Now we can ignore all those games we bought and spend our free time outside in the sun again! :D
Now, I'm going to SLEEP. :D
Fun times!

...Although the mystery of Banished still stirs my interest. What lurking horror did we uncover?

Getcomposted: Now, I'm going to SLEEP. :D
You and me both!
Post edited June 30, 2014 by Gmr_Leon
Impaler26: Now we can ignore all those games we bought and spend our free time outside in the sun again! :D
Nope, perfect timing for some of us. Down here in eastern Oz, for instance, we've had the first cold snaps of Winter. Sitting indoors of an evening, huddled over a few new games fresh out of the box, tumbler of red ready to hand, is just the ticket.

Never did score a deal on Banished, the last non-bundled game on my personal want-list for this sale — I was never around when it came up — but i got a pretty decent swag, nonetheless, so can't complain. Thanks, GOG !! ;-)
"This is the end, joyful GoG friend.."