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Torchlight FREE for the next 48 hours, 500+ Games 50% off until July 5, Daily Deals up to 85% off!

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, let's begin GOG's amazing humongous 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale. Most of the games in our DRM-free catalog (that's 500+ titles!) are available half-price until July the 5th. You can also expect special Daily Deals, allowing you to grab bundles of games (or in some cases individual titles) up to 85% off! To add a cherry on top that huge, delicious summer gaming cake, for the next 48 hours we're giving away Torchlight, a fantastic hack-and-slash action-RPG, absolutely free to all users! We have a lot of exciting deals in store for you, so remember to check our site frequently.

Normally, this paragraph would serve to further encourage you to go crazy with our extravagant and exciting offers. We'll get to that. But there's something important we'd like to address first. At we talk a lot about the importance of giving gamers the ability to play their games where they want, whenever they want, and how they want. Gamers should be able to play their games on any device they own in any location, no matter the Internet quality. There is only one way to ensure that: No DRM.

In the last few months, there has been a lot of outcry from gamers over DRM and how it is changing our favorite form of entertainment. If it keeps growing, it may well take a large part of the fun out of gaming. As anti-DRM crusaders, we're very glad to see that the issue of restrictive digital rights management has become an item of public debate, and we want to make sure that our #NoDRM stance is clear. None of the games in our sale have DRM, and none of our games ever will.

Once again: More than 500 games 50% off until July 5. Daily Deals bringing the discount even up to 85%. Torchlight distributed as a free gift to all users until Thursday, June 20, at 12:59PM GMT. We'll throw exciting offers at you daily, so consider following us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube just to make sure you're not missing out. That's it! The 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale is now on. Have fun and remember to support the #NoDRM movement on and elsewhere!
That swimming shark doesn't load for me in Opera. Is that a problem with me or GOG? Should I send a support ticket? This is important stuff!!!
The thing I don't like about Summer Sale is that new deals are generated at 3 PM. Way to destroy my working day, GOG :/. I should better think of some distracting techniques :P.
rodrolliv: Well, I'm sure many people will be interested in those. But me, I'm looking forward to the last Spellforce, Faith in destiny, and the THQ games that you can bring after the buyout is finished.

ThomNG: Faith in Destiny will not be possible as it is a full Steampowered game (and it needs Steam for Multiplayer as well) - so this game is not keeping the DRM free rule.
It's such a shame as many of us would love Nordic Games like that but will NOT buy games on Steam. Oh well...... plenty of other DRM-free games to buy :) And we DO appreciate the ones you have on GOG so far, I think I own most of them :)
GaminggUy45: can't you just axe Multiplayer making it inaccessible and bring the single player part of the game here?
ThomNG: No, we definitely do not want to shorten a game. Our customers should get the same game content when they are buying Faith in Destiny - independently from the platform. Also if shorten a game we cannot use same pricing, if not using same pricing, this may create confusion and so on. To sum it up, we will not shorten a game and limiting game experience of the customers for just excluding DRM/Steam.

Roman5: Please release the Darksiders games here on GOG, I want to see those the most here
ThomNG: Future will tell :)
I agree totally understandable
mrwonderful: snip
If you are going to spend money in December then you should wait for Christmas sale.
ThomNG: That fully depends on GOG ;-) Would you like to see Painkiller Overdose, The Guild 2 franchise, ArcaniA franchise and maybe Panzer Elite Action series on GOG?
I'd love to, especially Arcania franchise, but I'll take other games too.
Torhclight gift was very good. Great! Thanks! (P.S. Im Turkish Player and i love you GOG) I got to follow.
Oh god Oh god Oh god, here come two new bundles, just a couple more minutes :O
Anyone care to guess what they'll be? :D
thank you, GOG, for everything....
Wait, why do I remember Strike Suit Zero having soundtrack with it? Was that just preorder add-on?
Yaaay! Time to get some classics :)
Thats very very nice, guys. And a very BIG THANKS for Torchlight for free!

GOG is GOD! :D
Mivas: The thing I don't like about Summer Sale is that new deals are generated at 3 PM. Way to destroy my working day, GOG :/. I should better think of some distracting techniques :P.
Thanks for mentioning that as I was wondering why these announcements are so late. On a regular week, the daily sale is announced shortly after I wake up so I know it before I get to work. This week, I'm absolutely clueless what time I should be checking.
ww_gog: Thanks...
:) It's a usual release time + 3 hours. You can also see counters under each daily offer on the main page ("This offer expires in").
Post edited June 19, 2013 by Mivas
Mivas: :) It's a usual release time + 3 hours. You can also see counters under each daily offer on the main page ("This offer expires in").
Why thank you again :). I very rarely go to the front page anymore since my bookmark is for the forum and I can look for that nice blue dot that tells me its a GOG announcement and go to any sale links from there. But seeing the front page now, wow, they prettied it up a bit and there's that counter you were talking about. Ok, I can go back to having some sort of structure in my workday again instead of checking GOG every 30 or so seconds for a new announcement in the forums.