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600+ games discounted by at least 50%, bundle deals up to 80% off, daily personal deals!

It is here: 2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale on! The biggest, the loudest, the most varied, and the most exciting sale we've ever done begins now. How big is it? There are way over 600 games from our catalog steadily discounted by at least 50%. How loud is it? Let's just mention the fact, that we're opening with a triple nuclear blast, giving away Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics for FREE the next 48 hours. How varied is it? On top of regular discounts you'll have daily deals including games presented by YouTube personalities, hot thematic bundles chosen each day by our dear users, offered with up to 80% discounts, and--finally--daily personal deals where you pick one of the special offers available to you, and you only. How exciting is it? Well, you probably get the idea by now. So, there you have it: time to save BIG on the best games in history, available DRM-free for Windows and Mac.

This holiday season, your Winter Sale experience include the company of Jesse Cox, Force Strategy Gaming, Dodger from Press Heart to Continue, and the YogsCast team. Each day we mash-up a classic game (or games) with it's modern successors and offer them with high discounts, while our tube-casting friends explain why they consider such a blend interesting and worth playing.

2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale Video Recommendations playlist

Section updated: Don't forget about your gamer friends that may not know yet! Sadly, for the sake of unburdening what servers we have, we had to turn off the option for gifting free games. But you can always just let them know they can sign up with and claim a free gift of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. On top of that, when they register to our service, they'll receive all the 12 free games we add to all the newly-created accounts. That way your friends will start their adventure with with a collection of 15 great games total already on their virtual shelves! Be kind, share the good news! :-)

We'd also like to remind you, that all purchases on are now covered with our new 30-day Worldwide Money Back Guarantee, so your holiday gaming shopping spree is safer than it ever was before.

Worldwide Money Back Guarantee announcement video

Our 2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale will last until Sunday, December 29, at 1:59PM GMT. Happy holidays from team, everyone! And again, sorry for the server issues in the initial hours of our sale.
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ne_zavarj: No more cheap Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now . :(
huh? it's still showing as $4.99 USD (50% off).
Perfect time to get all Tex Murphy Files. Now I'm waiting some Sierra classics on daily deals.
To be honest, I don't like this "get discount only when you buy all games" bundles. I don't feel like purchasing games that I have no interest in. I think this sucks. I really loved "Insomnia" promo on the other hand...
Good that we still have almost all the games discounted by 50% (or even more). So I have just picked the titles I like one by one...
gizmomelb: huh? it's still showing as $4.99 USD (50% off).
Day 3

Ultraviolence Uberpack 75% off save 75% when purchasing all games at once $57.93 -> $14.43 otherwise 50% off
Carmageddon Max Pack $2.49 ($3.33)
Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now $2.49 ($3.33)
Hotline Miami $2.49 ($2.49)
Blood (One Unit Whole Blood) $1.49 ($2.99)
Blood 2: The Chosen + Expansion $1.49 ($2.99)
POSTAL: Classic and Uncut $1.49 ($2.99)
POSTAL 2 Complete $2.49 ($4.99)
I guess i'll just buy from the regular sale. Nothing in the bundles looks interesting to me (or else i already have it).
Pirates are back, bundle with Dust is still on, but no Valdis...

Will support definitely split the keys after buying a whole bundle?
inc09nito: To be honest, I don't like this "get discount only when you buy all games" bundles. I don't feel like purchasing games that I have no interest in.
You can remove games from the bundle (checkout). Don't you know? You still get the better deal (cheaper prices).
The "DAILY SURPRISE" for Thief™ Gold is still 75% off and its already available down the page. There was nothing for me within the daily list so I've checked it for you people.
smoother: You can remove games from the bundle (checkout). Don't you know? You still get the better deal (cheaper prices).
you only get the cheaper prices if you already own the games you remove?!
Well, now that it looks like the final deal is here (thus the end of the sale neigh), I went ahead and got La Mulana (the one that got away). My personal deal today was Sang-Froid which was just too good a discount to pass up. Also picked up a couple of remaining choice games, for different reasons: Stronghold HD and To The Moon.

Final tally of GOG games purchased that I did NOT have:

The Bard's Tale
Race the Sun
Rogue Legacy
To the Moon
La Mulana
Stronghold HD

Gifted to others:

Was generously gifted to me:
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

I would say what my total shelf count is but for some reason it is now showing it now (probably disabled to help the server handle traffic), but I know it was at 260 even last I checked (so probably is now 264 or 265).

And I am not even counting the Steam games I got too... >.<

Total spent across both platforms not counting Steam Wallet dollars: $57.14 and counting! (though to be honest, this is one of my better years of restraint, so there is that at least).
Mm.. should I buy "Sci-Fi Combat Sims" bundle if I want Descent1&2, Descent3 and Terminal Velocity?
The other 3 games have low reviews in internet :\
Oh GOG, WHY didn't you just add Freespace1 and 2, instead?
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The lewt wasn't that big, yet I felt like I spend a ton in this sale. Them bundles weren't exactly my cup of tea, which is a shame. The daily surprise was kind of novel, but as much as I liked the 70-75% discounts without buying bundles it was kinda tiresome to "refresh" the deals to find one I'd like.

All in all, volvo gibe insomnia pls uh I mean, the Insomnia was more interesting, even if I did spend less in it. Huh...
I was hoping that GOG would release all bundles today. Missed Spelunky bundle (twice).
soulitter: I was hoping that GOG would release all bundles today. Missed Spelunky bundle (twice).
It's end in December 29 Sunday . I think they are last deals .
Well I bought less in this sale than last years, but I feel that is in part due to having plenty of games already and from the promos GOG had over the course of the last year. So unless I get something later today my end totals are:

Deadly Premonition
The Pit Gold

Escape Goat

and of course the free Fallout games.

I'm happy with the results. I just dread the next Insomnia sale.
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