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xy2345: The first game I played was Ladder.

Something like that:
That was a great game, played it on Kaypro (2?). :) And Catchum, probably the most advanced PacMan-clone of the time, despite the ASCII-graphics. The ghost AI seemed so smart...
Hm, that's a tough one.

It was probably Super Mario Bros on the NES, since I got the system and a few games (Mario, North vs. South, Ghosts and Goblins) from my mom's cousin after he got himself a SNES. However, it might potentially have been Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 on the Game Boy.

However, the first game I played that really got me hooked was Age of Empires 1. I sunk endless amounts of hours into that game.
Either Q*bert (for PC) or MotoRacer. I wasn't very good at either of them, but they got me hooked on gaming.
My very first game was "Asteroids" in an Atari 800XL.
No idea which was the first one, but we only had a few games on our first computer so it was either The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing, Grand Prix Circuit, Golden Axe, Fantasy World Dizzy, Xenon 2, Doom or Wolfenstein 3D.
It was probably peek-a-boo. But at that time, I was being played.
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Space Invaders, my father had it on his old PC.
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Dunno if it was on PC or Nintendo anymore? Maybe the Tanks (dunno the name :D) game on Nintendo...and Mario of course. Later Prince in MS-Dos, I guess. And the game with where you had to cut out parts of the screen and doing without being eaten by things which were in it. Lol, childhood :D
My first game would have been something on the N64. It might have been Starfox 64. I remember my family watching me beat it for the first time. My dad tried to pronounce all the Japanese names in the credits and said the people would laugh at him.
It was either Pokemon Yellow or Donkey Kong.
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Pong. Soon followed by the arcade version of Space Invaders. Soon followed by the Atari 2600 version of Space Invaders. Jebus, I'm old....
Believe it was Asteroid or some crocodile game on a Dragon 32/64
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My first contact with video gaming was a Pong console my parents bought in the early 80s. So the first game I ever played was actually Pong.
sanscript: Asteroid
I WISH! Just one would have made the game so much easier! :P
Wolfenstein 3D!
Probably that's why I love it so so much, besides being totally awesome!