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Drakhyrr: Something on an Atari 2600. I was really young (perhaps 2 or 3?) and I have absolutely no idea of what game it was. But I do remember playing Enduro, Pitfall, Space Invaders and River Raid back on that console.
^^This, although I would have been 6 or 7, mostly the same list of games, just take out River Raid and add PacMan, ET (my cousin had all the classics!) Combat and a few others
Either that or a dedicated 'Multi-Pong' they had too!
first one i can remember is street fighter 2. i didnt know how to play and my dad kept sweeping me with sagat. couldnt do anything and raged

I think the first PC game I played was Zork.
First game i remember playing was SkiFree

I thought the snow monster always ate you. So I was surprised to find out a couple of years ago you could escape by the snow monster by traveling faster with the f key.
It was something for the Acorn BBC Micro (though we actually had a BBC Master). I think it was Swoop, a Space Invaders-like game.
On Atari 2600: Pitfall 2
Also I played "through" Asteroids - and boy, was I disappointed that it just startet from the beginning...

On C116: can't remember.
I remember spending a lot of time with some pool game. I also had a game called "Mayhem" that resembled some crazy machine - As a kid I never found out what I was supposed to do in this game.

On C64: First Strike
The first game I ever really played through (with outtro and credits) was Katakis (also known as Denaris).

On Amiga 500: Can't remember. Possibly Populous or Civilization.
The first game I ever bought (myself) was PowerMonger - because none of my friends had a copy and I was hooked just by reading the reviews. I found buying and legally owning the game that gratifying that I formatted my about 700 pirateted disks and sold them (empty) to my still pirating friends. From that money I bought a lot of games, including Battle Isle and Turrican 1+2 (3 wasn't out yet).

On PC: Doom
Since I was Amiga-fan I came to the PC pretty late. My first PC was an AMD 486DX4-100 with 50MHz Vesa Local Bus Graphics Card (faster than the 33MHz PCI of the brand new Pentium 60, Soundblaster 16, 4MB RAM (for Doom very quickly upgraded to 8).
I can't say for sure, so I will mention the oldest that I can remember playing.

Downland for TRS-80 CoCo.

It may have been Digger though.

Both were very enjoyable. I am 37 if that helps.
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On the C64: Ozzy Versus the Universe - Part I: Demons of Topaz

On the PC: I'm not sure. It was either Gods or a Formula 1 simulator of some kind.
Licurg: It was a game with an archer on one side of the screen, and you had to shoot arrows at stuff that came from the other side of the screen. I'm pretty sure it was called "Bows & Arrows" but I can't say for sure. Played it first in 1995.
I remember that game. Got hella hard on the later levels, with saw blades flying at you and what not. ;)
Gorf on the VIC20