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Probably either Super Smash Bros. or Donkey Kong 64. I think those were the games I got with my N64.
Forget my last post. I forgot about my VIC-20. So my first game would have been something totally unimpressive like Jupiter Lander.
Commodore 64


First Console

Last Battle on Mega Drive/Genesis (Hokuto no ken (Fist of the North Star) with changed characters names and removed all references to the series as well as blood effects)

or it was Altered Beast on Mega Drive/Genesis
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Hard to say. Faxanadu in nes or some megaman. =)
A Wonder Boy arcade machine in a local Greek takeaway.

On a home system, Vanguard, Asteroids, Galaxians, Pacman and Space Invaders for the Atari 2600.
I would guess it was either Combat on the Atari 2600 or a pong sports game. Hard to accurately recall. The first arcade game I actually remember playing was Pacman.
I really couldn't tell you. It was a Doom like game with a lot of blood, zombies, and other stuff that you could beat in one hour (can't really find footage of it and can't remember the name). Otherwise the first console game I've played is probably Mario Bros on the NES, and the first console one I officially owned is Pokemon Stadium.
RayRay13000: ..owned is Pokemon Stadium.
That explains the picture. =)
Probably a NES game, I have no idea for sure though. It could have been a handheld Karnov or Skeet Shoot game too.
Prince of Persia, the very first one.
First video game played:
- a Pong clone connect-to-TV thing like Wishbone mentioned. I played it for a few minutes and then the guy who repaired our tv took it away.

On Spectrum:
- Roller Coaster or Tree Weeks in Paradise. Man, you had to wait for 5 minutes just for the game to load and you couldn't save your progress.

On PC:
- Civilization 1 or XCOM 1. Great games.
Contra on NES, probably.
The first game I played was Qix (also know as Quix, Stix or Styx) on the C64.

On the PC ... It might have been Jill of the Jungle, not really sure though...
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Ikari Warriors, those were my first two games.
My first game was "Kaiser" on the C64 (a german game which was never translated to english, I think). And another one from the same time, which I played for hours and hours, was Archon.