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Frogger or Jawbreaker, a twist on Pacman.
One of the Commander Keene games I think.
No idea. Pong? Frogger? Something along those lines...
I remember my dad owning a Pong clone connect-to-TV thing when I was very little. That's the very first video game I played. The next one I can recall was Asteroids on some sort of Texas Instruments console (I think) at someone else's house. Third one (that I can remember) was the handheld Donkey Kong game.
Not sure, I think it was Duke Nukem .3D or Tomb Raider.
I'm pretty sure it was this one: Top Gun
Zork. I was terrible at it, and remembered sneaking my brothers hand drawn maps.
The first game I can remember playing is Super Mario Brothers for the NES, but I suppose it might not have been the first. I didn't exactly have a lot of patience back then. I never made it to the final castle. I always got stuck somewhere on 8-2 or 8-3.
I am guessing here but I would say the first game I ever played was Peek-a-Boo when I was under one years old. ;-0
...Super Mario 64.
Doom or Supaplex on DOS, can't really remember
AFAIK it's Mrs. Pac-Man. There was an arcade machine in the waiting room of my pediatric dentist, so I was playing it when I was 4 or so. That's the earliest one I can remember, at least.
I can barely remember. I think the first one would be Zoombinis Logical Journey.

Probably I was 3 or 4 years old. I am not sure that was my very first, but I remember playing the Donald Duck's Playground on C64.

Yeah baby! Yeah!