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high rated
A big " Thank you " for the developer Fabio who provided the keys .

The website of the game and the developer

video review

Greenlight link Don't forget to vote .

Rules :

You can only participate in this giveaway , if
- you have a Desura account ( please link your profile page in your post )
- you don't own the game

You are not allow to gift away or trade the key that you won!!!

You must activate the key on your account after i sent it for you . ( i will check it )

Winners will be announced on Saturday afternoon .
Good luck .
This looks really interesting. Too bad about the camera, but I really wish there were more games like this on PC. I'm in, if I may. :)

(thanks and +1 for the giveaway, and thanks to the developer as well!)
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I'm in, Thanks and thanks to the dev.

I remember when I first saw it on greenlight I thought it looked liked a lot of fun.

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I'm in. Thanks for this.

Someone took the name "spoderman" :(
I'm in, thanks to you and the developer.:)
I'm in, voted on Steam and GOG.
Not in, but thanks and +rep.
Not in this time, thank you ne_zavarj !
Not in, but +Rep for the giveaway.
Thanks for the giveaway ne_zavarj, and to the developer as well for his generosity!

Game sort of reminds me of Super Mario 64, with the graphical style etc. I'm in.
Voted, not in but thanks for the giveaway :)
Thanks for the giveaway, count me in!
hi can i get one. and thanks looking foreword to trying this game
count me in.

ill add you or put it public in the event of a win if thats how your going to check.

votes galore.

thanks Fabio + ne_zavarj for the giveaway!
I'm in.

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The giveaway is very cool of both you and Fabio. The game looks fun, lovely art style and a genre I like - I've added my vote in the appropriate spots.
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