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And "Millenium 2.2" :)

Drelmanes: Just curious.
I listed some on the Amiga discussion (Amiga was a 16-bit home computer, I think).

I wonder if someone is going to list some CGA/EGA era IBM PC games soon?

I passed the 8 and 16-bit consoles (NES, SMS etc.), I felt their games were overly overpriced at least here in Europe. I did want Mattel Interllivision and later Colecovision at some point, though.

Ahh, now I notice that almost all people listing SNES/Genesis (=Megadrive in Europe) games are from America or Japan. It always did feel to me that those consoles were much much more prevalent in US than in Europe, where 16-bit home computers were more common.

I hope that had nothing to do with the piracy on home computers...
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aymerict: Zelda 3, Super Maria World, Street Fighter 2, and maybe a few others
Is that that illegal Chinese copy with Mario in drag?

The 16-bit era is the time in gaming history I'm most fond of.
Secret of Mana, Zelda 3, Shadowrun, Super Mario World, Actraiser, Shadow Dancer, Toejam & Earl, etc etc etc.
Well, I didn’t play them at the time but have them since they where ported to newer systems.

Zelda: A link to the past. - It’s probably my favorite Zelda game or near enough.
Super Castlevania - Haven’t gotten very far into this one but it’s enjoyable.
Chrono Trigger - In the middle of playing it but so far I like what I see, but then I’m suckered in when you introduce time travel and awesome.
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My favorite 16-bits were

Lion King
Toy Story
Super Mario bros 3

I liked pretty much all the arcade ports too, but cba listing them
jamym: Super Mario bros 3
That's an 8-bit NES game (unless you mean the version from Super Mario All-Stars remake for SuperNES). Still a great game though :)
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jamym: My favorite 16-bits were

Lion King
Toy Story
Super Mario bros 3

I liked pretty much all the arcade ports too, but cba listing them
You know what, if you try playing these in a new PS3 and they play like crap or don't play at all, post it here and you'll have KavazovAngel mentioning how god-awful graphics system a PS3 has.
Sonic 2 and 3
Comix Zone
Taz and the Escape from Mars
World Cup Italia '90
Streets of Rage 1 and 2
Mickey Mania
Super Wrestlemania

So many amazing games, and so much memorable music from that era!
Some of my favorites from when I was a kid (all Sega):

Sagia (I still play that one periodically)
Sword of Vermillion
Might and Magic 2
D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun
Rings of Power (quite possibly the best RPG of its day -- I wish Naughty Dog would remake it but they may have given all rights to EA, I'm not sure)
My favorite(and perhaps best) is TMNT4:Turtles in Time(Arcade and SNES), Streets of Rage 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Have a few others, but hard to organize the rest.
Thing on a spring

(For Amiga, but also for C64).
Don't know if this one counts because it's been released only two years ago but the 16bit Genesis game Pier Solar is one of the biggest and best RPG's released for the 16bit Sega.
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Excellent topic. Even though I'm old enough to have played the Atari 2600 and NES to death, the 16-bit systems are when I really became a gamer (even if I no longer consider myself as such). Tons of great titles, so I'll just limit it to my all-time faves for now:


Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen

Sega Genesis:

Shining Force (any game of the series)
Hah, what a thread for me! The 16-bit era still holds a place in my heart.

Genesis: (don't have much games for it, even now, but here's what I like)
Sonic the Hedgehog: I'm pretty sure that it was the first game I ever played, back in 2000 or something. Everybody had their fancy new three-dimensional video games at one-twenty-somethin' bits while I enjoyed my nice 16-bit Jenny (my Genesis' nick) on a usual day...
Aladdin: Of all my hatred towards movie-based games, this is probably the only one I like. Yah, sad.
I only had 8 games for the Genesis, but they're great ones.

SNES: (I didn't have my very own SNES, but my grandma had one, now it's my aunt's, and I loved the crap out of it)
Super Mario World: What do I have to say for this? Instant classic. It took the awesomeness of SMB3 and duplicated it at least 50 times.
Donkey Kong Country: One of the games that has it's own cozy place in my heart, and the one I simply love the most. Diddy Kong's Quest was alright, but 3 just wasn't the same, and repeated the kidnapping crap for NO REASON. >_> The GBA port was also the first game I ever owned myself, with the GBA SP being the first game system I ever owned myself.
I can't quite remember anything else that really stuck out in my grandma's SNES library but those obvious two.