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Well folks, it has been an amazing 325 days on GOG in which I have gifted a lot of peeps ;-) But ALL good things must come to pass....

Here's best wishes that all your dreams come true with the advent of a New Year and see you in 2014!

Running tally since the beginning of this GA
~~~~229 days and 262 gifts given~~~
~~~~230 days and 265 gifts given~~~
~~~~231 days and 270 gifts given~~~
~~~~234 days and 281 gifts given~~~
~~~~235 days and 292 gifts given~~~
~~~~237 days and 295 gifts given~~~
~~~~239 days and 298 gifts given~~~
~~~~240 days and 300 gifts given~~~
~~~~242 days and 300 gifts given~~~
~~~~245 days and 300 gifts given~~~
~~~~247 days and 303 gifts given~~~
~~~~248 days and 304 gifts given~~~
~~~~252 days and 306 gifts given~~~
~~~~254 days and 307 gifts given~~~
~~~~256 days and 309 gifts given~~~
~~~~262 days and 315 gifts given~~~
~~~~266 days and 318 gifts given~~~
~~~~270 days and 322 gifts given~~~
~~~~272 days and 324 gifts given~~~
~~~~274 days and 326 gifts given~~~
~~~~277 days and 328 gifts given~~~
~~~~282 days and 330 gifts given~~~
~~~~285 days and 335 gifts given~~~
~~~~286 days and 337 gifts given~~~
~~~~295 days and 338 gifts given~~~
~~~~301 days and 339 gifts given~~~
~~~~306 days and 342 gifts given~~~
~~~~308 days and 345 gifts given~~~
~~~~317 days and 351 gifts given~~~
~~~~319 days and 357 gifts given~~~
~~~~320 days and 358 gifts given~~~
~~~~321 days and 359 gifts given~~~
~~~~322 days and 360 gifts given~~~
~~~~324 days and 365 gifts given~~~
(btw, donated games don't count towards my total but for clarity that total is 461)

Winners of previous offerings by random gods of chance are listed here;

Just Cause 2 plus Black Market Aerial DLC - simon_vd
Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition- RevolutionSphere
Killing Floor Bundle - Rodzaju
Red Orchestra: OSTfront 41-45 AND Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad on Steam - mentao
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - Spinorial
Red Orchestra: OSTfront 41-45 - simon_vd
The Few - le_chevalier
Brutal Legend - Dzono
Hack, Slash and Loot - Sachys
Thief Gold on Steam - Warning_Original
Thief 2: The Metal Age - Joppo
Humble Indie Bundle 9 - Thespian*
War of the Roses: Kingmaker - RedRagan
Hammerfight - DyNaer
Ignite - BlueKronos
Ignite - Spinorial
The Witcher EE - JohnWalrus
Postal 2 - DeMignon
Greed Corp - Spinorial
Greed Corp donated by IAmSinistar - Dzono
99 Levels of Hell - adambiser
99 Levels of Hell - NameGoo
Survivor Squad - sanchit117
Burn Zombie Burn! - Rodzaju
Undead Legions - Maggotheart
Afterfall Insanity - VampiroAlhazred
Lucius - Kronos_
Anodyne - Aniki
PID - Hardrada
Deponia - QC
Reus donated by AnotherShadow- Sachys
System Shock 2 donated by rpgamer381 - monkeydelarge
System Shock 2 donated by Samlii - DonCorleon
System Shock 2 - wheelsrz
The Witcher EE donated by SoanS - Yarilo
The Witcher EE donated by DonCorleon - xpapamoose
The Witcher EE donated by DonCorleon - buckstone
The Witcher EE donated by Tarnicus -kmonster
Resonance donated by Samlii - Reever
MYST Masterpiece Edition donated by umomac - dr.schliemann
PID donated by xpapamoose - browzerton
Trine 2 donated by Garrett24601 - ciccia22
The Witcher 2 donated by KneeTheCap - duragon
Master of Magic - QC
Master of Magic - Thespian
Hydrophobia Prophecy donated by KneeTheCap - oasis789
SpaceChem donated by KneeTheCap - deryni
UFO Extraterrestrials Gold donated by KneeTheCap - adambiser
Planets Under Attack donated by KneeTheCap - Ma5terBob
Blades of Time LE donated by KneeTheCap - sorapak
Sword of the Stars II EE donated by KneeTheCap - Hardrada
Pacific Storm Allies donated by KneeTheCap - Daynov
Ion Assault donated by KneeTheCap - BlueKronos
Gravi courtesy of IAmSinistar - Rodzaju
The Lunar Pack courtesy of IAmSinistar - JohnWalrus
Race The Sun courtesy of IAmSinistar - ahkliber
Aztaka courtesy of IAmSinistar - QC
Aztaka courtesy of PaterAlf - dragonsreach
Alien Shooter2 courtesy of IAmSinistar - deryni
Gravi courtesy of PaterAlf - DragoonHP
Hotline Miami - dele30
One Finger DeathPunch - ma5terbob
Little Inferno - SerpentineCougar
Gravi graciously donated by DragoonHP & PaterAlf - Thespian
Gravi - Spartan717
FTL graciously donated by dragonsreach - stg83
Q.U.B.E graciously donated by IAmSinistar - Spinorial
9:03m graciously donated by IAmSinistar - triock
Blood of the Werewolf graciously donated by IAmSinistar- gandalf.nho
Realms of Arkania - Juhius
Little Farm graciously donated by IAmSinistar-grunthos64
Shelter -DragoonHP
SPAZ courtesy of ChezyBezy - mindspiral
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500... you are kind of scary, actually.
I'm in, thanks momo!

.. and when it comes to classic sob stuff, this is a good start, imho ;-)
I'm in I guess... thanks
Count me in and +1 for the Giveaway.

I didn't understand half of what you said, so I'm not going to try to make you laugh or cry or sing.

PS: I didn't understand because I'm a fool, not because you didn't explain yourself properly.
I'm in.

*hands Momo an onion*

Monthy Python never fails me!

Thank you very much for your generositiy!
(Sing it like Michael Buble)

So I'm in
You will notice this reply
Because you
A swell and nice guy

Aaaaaaal aroooound!

Sooo here's my entry
I hope you're happy
Because I write this lyric
I hope it doesn't turn into limerick

Oooooooor a pooem!

I write this song
As my brain go along
I just want a free game
I don't need to lie

Sooooooooo I'm iiiiiiiin!
Ok, well that wasn't the resounding "GIMME!" that I was expecting...but hey, it's ALL good ;-)

Lemme go ask the random god that they have to say - I'll try to keep these GA's down and dirty so there's little waiting ;-)

Post edited September 20, 2013 by Momo1991
Thanks Momo :)
I'm in.

Thanks for JC2.
Btw is it just me or people just underestimate this giveaway... There is literally 7 people for the previous game LOL
I'm in.
I'm in +1
I'm in.


Got nothing, my creativity gear is stuck. Just imagine a big guy with a moustache and beard doing tap dancing.
I'm in.

Here's a video of Red Pandas playing in the snow.