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please dont forget me,,i whould want a key,,please pretty pretty please <3
I would love a code! *crosses fingers*
Saying here that I really want to enter the Beta because I spend the whole day playing Digital CCG is enough to enter the competition ?
Been following this game for a good while. Hope I can bu lucky enough to win one.
Looks cool.I´m in!
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Please please hook me up with a key. Have been waiting forever to get into this.
I'm in. Thanks a ton!
This seems so cool, I'm in. Thanks a ton!
big fan of card games! i want to participate in this too :)
I would absolutely love a beta code. Ever since i saw someone streaming it i fell in love:D. Remindms me of my Yugioh days.
Looks good! Always interested in RPG TCG type games. Thanks ne_zavarj and James the dev!

I'm in.
I guess I'll enter :D
I would also like a beta key. pretty please :)
Looks incredible, tangibly different and was added to my list on Greenlight for ones to watch. Thank you very much for the giveaway, most certainly in.
Roll Up! Roll Up! Come and watch the amazing Shadow Logan! As I acquire a beta key to Infinity Wars without begging or pleading but simply by pulling a rabbit out of a hat! ^.^
But seriously, I would love one. Yet, I get the idea of competition. Me posting this probably will not change my odds! :D