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I just got into this game(bought it back in April, but never played it), and am not far into it but have a nearly full inventory of expensive weapons. Is there any safe place to store things? I don't want to just put them somewhere and have them not be there when I come back to get them.
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The game doesn't come with a dedicated stash like in the diablo games so the best thing to do is take over an unused house and use that as a storage place. You can store items in the chests in the game and take chests from other locations to fill your house if needed. Just pick a place you can travel to easy.
I've got half a dozen chests and barrels in the house you start in, and almost 10 in Riverton market. I didn't want to sell much until my reputation got better, because I'd be giving away huge portions of what my stuff could sell for if I did.

You can drag them into an open inventory window. If you use your teleport cube, you can get from where you find a chest to where you want to put it without having to walk a step.

Pro tip: Some chests weigh zero if you load them in when opened.

However, most don't. And most close when you load them in. I got three or four weightless chests, though. Handy!

I keep different chests for everything, including stuff that needs repairing before selling. (Having Geoff in Riverton repair your stuff, once you've repaired it to 60% or more with points in the repair skill, is probably the cheapest way to build faction with him.)
All the time I spent playing this game and I never knew you could pick up a chest. Great tip. Thanks.
Ok, thanks for the replies.