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taltamir....I bought BG2 yesterday (GOG version) after reading your post, in hopes that it would solve my issue. I also tried both Easytutu and BGT. I guess I am confused, however. When you say why bother with Bg1 engine, are you saying that I start BG1 with an .exe from Easytutu or BGT? After installing them (individually, not one on top of the other), I was still trying to start BG1 from the GOG BG1 icon. If that still uses BG1 engine even with Easytutu or BGT installed, then yes, I was. I would like to see the description of how to properly install them, but I think the link you posted might not be the one you intended. Thanks for the info.!

taltamir...I just noticed that I was at the end of the post. I see the walkthrough at the beginning of the post. I'll check it out. Thanks!
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If you install TuTu, then you play BG1 by running bgmain.exe in your easyTutu directory.

Your original BG1 game isn't altered at all & can still be used to play BG1 "Vanilla" (BG1 engine)
Lets say you install BG1 into
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\
And BG2 into:
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate II\

If you install EasyTuTu it (IIRC, been a couple of years since I used it since I use BGT) should create a new directory, such as:
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate TuTu\
That directory contains BG2 engine with the BG1 game data. Both of the previous directories still exist.
So if you go into:
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\
you can still run BG1 on the BG1 engine. To get TuTu (BG1 game on the BG2 engine) you run it from the directory
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate TuTu\
Of course you can make a shortcut on the desktop for it rather than going into the directory every time

On the other hand, if you install BGT it will copy over the data from BG1, convert it to BG2 format, and merge them into a single giant game inside the directory:
C:\Games\Baldur's Gate II\
At this point you can DELETE your BG1 directory. You go into the BG2 directory and run it and there you can choose new game (starts at BG1, will automatically continue to BG2 when you finish the main campaign). Or you can choose to skip BG1 and start off a new BG2 campaign with a newly created character.
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Thank you for the explanation! Having never used any of these programs or mods before, I had no idea. I really appreciate all the help and suggestions everyone has offered. I think I'm finally good to go!
you are most welcome, I am glad you got it working