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Hey all,

I've been dying to try out Arcanum since I first heard about it through my gaming circles, and I recently picked it up during a sale here. I've been trying to patch it, as per y'all's advice, but I keep running into a problem to which my Google-fu cannot find an answer. The unofficial fan patch and town map patches download just fine, but my Norton Antivirus keeps flagging the high resolution patch as dangerous and then deleting it (tried all the mirror sites Drog listed: it gets flagged every time). Has the patch's file recently been corrupted or something, or is this just my Norton security disliking a not-widely-known patch? I'd greatly prefer to play the game with prettier graphics, so any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated.
Ason2: Norton ...
Thar's yer trouble, matey.

I'd go with Kaspersky instead. Pricey, but far fewer false positives.

As far as the d/l itself, if the file size is precisely 115,419 KB (the same as the one I have in my archive, timestamped from Oct. 2010 and probably even older than that) it's unlikely to be corrupted; mine wasn't.
awesome thanks
Snowman59: Hi there,

So after installing the few patches (UAP, HQ Town and Hi-Res + one to set the game in french), my problem is that on the main screen, as soon as I move the mouse, the texts become blurry which make them impossible to read (see the capture below)

It's not the french patch (I removed it, didn't change anything) and it's not the Hi-Res patch (removed it too, still no change).
Also, the game is installed (like otther games) in a specific directory, not Program Files.

UPDATE : so i've uninstalled/ re-installed the game, launched it in "vanilla" version and the problem remains.
So either it comes from the game or I need to configure something with my graphic card (a GeForce GTX 750ti with the latest drivers 340.52).

UPDATE 2 : fixed it ! For those who have the same problem : turn off the Anti-Aliasing stuff in the settings of your graphic card.
Excellent! I had the same problem. What a simple solution!
I have released a new version of Arcanum Factory.

It allows you to create new items (weapons/armors/potions/generics/schematics), modify everything, add blessings/curses, create new art, add them directly to the OC containers and shops or even create custom backgrounds.

Your items will also properly appear in WorldEd.

Download Arcanum Factory 1.2
screen3.png (75 Kb)
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TwoHandedSword: As far as the d/l itself, if the file size is precisely 115,419 KB (the same as the one I have in my archive, timestamped from Oct. 2010 and probably even older than that) it's unlikely to be corrupted; mine wasn't.
Thanks for the advice (and sorry for my delayed gratitude- schoolwork ramped up, so I had to set aside video games for awhile). When I click on the download link for the high resolution patch over on the terra-arcanum site, it says it's a 659 KB binary file. Unless that binary file will extract itself into the 115,419 KB sized one you mentioned, it may indeed be that patch has been corrupted. *shrug*

EDIT: Even when I went to a mirror site to download it as a zip file, when I extracted it the file was much smaller than 115,419 KB (about the same size as when I simply downloaded the binary file proper), and it was still flagged as a security threat.
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Ason2: <snip>
Wow, my bad. I gave you the specs on the town maps patch; the HiRes patch in my folder is 659 KB as well. <Insert embarrassment emoji here>

But I've never been able to get it to work right (IIRC it shrunk the game window down to something unplayable) so I've basically held onto it as a legacy file. Unless your hacker-fu is greater than mine — not a very high bar, but still — I'd just say forget about it. The official patch, Drog's UAP and the high quality town maps (and maybe the Level 127 hack) are all you really need to enjoy the game as it was intended.
Hey, no worries: I just appreciate the help in the first place, so you have my thanks. Since there's no harm in it, I sent an error report on the file over to my antivirus' company, but I doubt anything will happen for a lone nerd asking about an old-school video game. Ah well, I'll just suck it up and play without shiny new graphics.

EDIT: Hey, what do you know? Norton got back to me and said the file was a-okay, so I updated my definitions (it still got pinged, however, so I had to manually restore the download after it was scanned) and then installed the patch. High resolution Arcanum, here I come!
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