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Same here, I played quite a bit of Arcanum years ago but wasn't terribly fond of some parts of the gameplay (particularly as magic wasn't my focus), and your mod v2.0 seems to fix what I didn't like. I'm waiting for 2.0 to start a new game too!
Ewmarch, I am one of those people who would eagerly play your new version 2.0

Oh, and by the way, I've got a mate that would love to see your new version (he has already played version 1.0)

We are both looking forward to it.

In fact, I came upon this topic because I was redownloading your mod. Good luck
I'm waiting on 2.0 to try and finally sit down and play through the game for the first time. I've made a few characters here and there and stopped not long after. I really like what I see here so I for one am excited for 2.0.
Hello, I just signed up to tell you I would be one of the people who would definitely play your mod as soon as it's available. I'm playing Arcanum seriously for the very first time and despite loving the game, I don't feel motivated enough to finish it as it doesn't appear to be any challenge left for me, despite being only in (I guess) mid-game and playing solo. I'd rather wait until your next version to begin a new playthrough if it's not too far off in time.
I am definitely keen. But now I don't know whether to try v1, or if v2 is still coming and I should wait for it?
Anyone able to give me a copy of v1 of this mod please? terra-arcanum is down.

I'm trying to get hold of the mod developer, but thought I'd ask in case someone who already has a copy sees this first.
ev0lyeti: Anyone able to give me a copy of v1 of this mod please? terra-arcanum is down.

I'm trying to get hold of the mod developer, but thought I'd ask in case someone who already has a copy sees this first.
Uploaded it here

It won't be a permanent home, but hopefully we haven't lost terra-arcanum to the ages. That place had knowledge of inner workings of the game that might never be seen elsewhere. Might have to turn to the Russian forums for game answers in the future (oh god).

I should also note how glad I am to see people that want to play the next version, but you may have to wait a while. It would take at least 3 good months to complete, which is why I haven't been able to do it yet. I need 3 months where I know I will have the consecutive spare time. It's important to do it all in a single block of work so that you can remain cognizant of all the changes (key to maintaining a balance among the 500 items and 80+ spells).

My career has had to come first for a while now, and I actually just recently saw that I was getting a handle on all the workload (and getting regular free time). The holiday season and beyond has seen the demands on my time increase enormously instead.

To those of you who do play it for the first time, please do read the readme, and beat the regular game first. A lot of Arcanum players are used to how easy the game is normally, and my version actually makes you try. If you make a character who won't be great at combat, I recommend you get a few followers, as they were changed to do ok in combat now.

I hope you enjoy it, and good luck in your adventures.
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I just thought about playing Arcanum again after years of putting it off, so you can imagine my excitement when I find out that a mod of this scope is already available! Going to download and try it immediately.

After reading the change log, the fact that I can now craft enough bullets to get through the damn mines is reason enough to use this mod. :D
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Ahh, that's the Arcanum I remember. I was going around the starting area shooting rats and wolves, feeling powerful now that the starting pistol does good damage - and then I critically fail an attack and my pistol misfires, killing me from full health. :D

Thanks for getting me back into this game!

Would you say that the level cap increase is crucial to complete the game, for the first time? I was thinking of doing a dodge-y gunslinger who uses explosives and such. I've never completed the game, in fact I never got past the one island you reach, so I'm not sure if this is a smart idea!
Level cap remover just makes it nice to gain levels once you do reach the cap, so not essential at all. Game is designed to be beaten around 45+, not 52+ or anything.

Good luck with the gunslinging, I'd recommend you get the skill trained up or you'll blow off your own arm more times than you can count. Explosives wise, the higher level ones (dynamite, time bomb, etc) require a good deal of character investment into crafting, but the throwing ones should be accessible after you get your gunslinging to a good point. Molotovs are of course not nearly as good as they used to be, upper-tier grenades require dwarven steel so that you can't use them early, but the average explosive grenade works well and a very good blinding grenade replaces the very imbalanced stunning one.
It seems to be working so far! I've found that zombies are (unsurprisingly) very resistant to bullets, but I'm doing a decent job with having Virgil tank them while I chip away. I think I just need a better gun - I might end up restarting and spending less in persuasion to get my firearms skill maxed out. I got it to Expert very quickly and haven't touched it in ten levels or so.

Only bug I've found so far is that I can take away points from my persuasion skill while leveling, even though I haven't spent any for a few levels. This might be because I'm wearing two rings that give +persuasion and have a +1 charisma top hat, but I'm not sure. It's not a deal-breaker in any case.

Really liking the mod so far! I'm checking out every item to see what it offers, now that the formerly useless clothing adds all sorts of neat buffs. :)
Quick question about NPCs - is there a way to know what the new leveling templates are? I took Jayna with me right away, since I read that she gets firearms skill and I need a tech healer. Not sure who else would be a good pick, though!

Edit - Just noticed that I can look into the game files to see their progression. :)
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Hey, another quick question - I found the Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol schematic and was curious if it fires six shots like the description says. On your spreadsheet it says it does 1-24 damage at six range, but there isn't a note saying any other special things. I'd have to buy about eight tech manuals to make it (and sacrifice my hand cannon), but it'd be worth it if it had that trait!
Well, for the purposes of science (I am a techie this run after all!) I crafted the multi-barreled pistol and tested it on some zombies wandering around in the sewers. I can confirm that it only fires one round at a time, sadly. Good to know! That gun was a weird edge case - it was cut content and only added with the use of the unofficial patch.

Firearms are tremendous in this patch - so much so that I took Miracle Operation so that I could have 4 ranks of Firearms by level two! It makes the early game a fun challenge, actually - while you one-shot the starting mobs with contemptuous ease, you can die in two or three hits from anything that is worth its salt in a fight. I find that I've been leaning towards the guns with less variance in their damage, like the Sharpshooter's Pistol (25-26) and the Marksman Rifle (30-30) for that reliable problem solving. As tempting as the Hand Cannon is with that top end damage (over 80!), the combination of the fact that it could do 1 damage and the low range means I'd get shredded by melee dudes.

Sorry for spamming this thread somewhat, but I'm really enthusiastic about this. :D
Schreck's pistol stats are listed in the weapons documentation if you ever really had doubts.

Firearms (and all ranged weapons) don't get bonus damage from strength like melee weapons, so their regular damage essentially hits like an ogre to make them competitive. They're no better than making a powerful melee hero.

The real imbalance comes from real time combat, which is inherently flawed, and so if you have a lot of ranged weapons companions you can do firing lines or kiting and kill monsters with little to no effort. Use those kinds of strats to deal with enemies if you are having a particularly hard time.

And most importantly, I'm really glad you're enjoying the game.